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Grief, Spiritual Counseling, Personal Growth Coaching, Anxiety, Depression, Self Sabotage, Confidence, Self Awareness

Six Weekly Therapy Segments

Putting Reality into Your Relationship

Getting a 'civil' divorce

Sometimes you need to talk about it

I have had a strong, successful practice in Colorado Springs for 12 years specializing in life issues that are not mental illness, but significantly impair enjoyment of life and ability to make decisions.

I work in six weekly increments, because six sessions can make a difference and can provide affordable therapy to everyone.

Issues frequently addressed are:

Relationship and Family Patterns,Divorce and Life Transitions, Overwhelming Sadness, Anxiety, Depression

Existential Psychotherapy is a unique, mindful therapeutic

approach that provides relief through awareness and acceptance of what is, what can be changed, and what cannot be changed.

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