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Colorado Springs Talk Therapist

I have had a strong, successful practice in Colorado Springs as a Licensed Professional Counselor for 12 years specializing in life issues that are not mental illness, but significantly impair enjoyment of life and ability to make decisions.

Therapy is a process that helps you pay attention to the thoughts you have, then examine them.  It helps you open yourself to yourself, and then explore who you are deep inside, your deepest intentions, motivations, scripts, responses. Together, we enter the dark and explore it.  I hold your hand and your shine the light. That, in a nutshell, is talk therapy.

I work in six weekly increments, because six sessions can make a difference and can provide affordable therapy to everyone.

Issues frequently addressed are:

Marital, Couples Relationships and Family Patterns,Divorce and Life Transitions, Overwhelming Sadness, Anxiety, Depression

Now offering both office and phone consultation. Clients who do not live in Colorado Springs may prefer telephone consultation. In response to this request, I now offer both office and phone consultation.

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